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Warren grew up with a love for movies, nurtured by his cinemaniacal mom. By the age of 18, he had seen and catalogued over 2,000 films, rating them on a scale from 1-10 and listing all the key craftspeople involved. Warren believed he would become a filmmaker and studied to be one, but after a few bouts on professional sets, learned he hated making movies. After long, successful stints in New York theater (feels great, pays little) and cable television (pays great, sucks soul), he moved to Seattle where he explored a career in radio (hello? is anybody out there?), and then returned to film. He first served as a programmer/grant writer and membership coordinator for the Seattle International Film Festival, then as Curator/Producer of the 1 Reel Film Festival at Bumbershoot, the nation's best-attended celebration of short cinema.  Later, he co-founded TheFilmSchool, a story-centric training ground for writers, directors and more, where he continues to teach his signature class "Such a Character" as well as host TheFilmSchool speaker series.  For ten-plus years, Warren has served as a juror for the student Academy Awards®, judging thousands of short films from the western conference.


In recent years Warren has returned to actual filmmaking as a producer, a job he adores -- seeing projects through from conception through development, from casting to crewing, from post-producton through distribution. His credits include: FUREVER (d. Amy Finkel); HUMOR ME (d. Chris Towey), EVERY BEAUTIFUL THING (d. Sonya Lea), THE LOST MARINER (d. Tess Martin) and WAYSIDE JUNCTION (d. April Larson)


Warren also serves a curatorial advisor and event host/panel moderator for film festivals, including Ashland, Tacoma, Rainier and the Northwest Filmmaker's Festival, at which he hosts his annual, beloved, "Gong Show"-themed "What's Wrong With This Picture?" seminar. He also acts (when asked), casts (when hired) and writes (when paid).

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