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The High Bar

Host, writer/producer


Since 2011, Warren has hosted over 100 episodes of THE HIGH BAR, "your weekly watering hole for lighthearted conversation with people who care about culture that matters."  Artists, authors, activists, filmmakers, foodies, and politicians have joined Warren in "raising the bar" for topics about which they are most passionate.  Originally airing on SCAN-TV, the show moved to KBTC (a PBS affiliate in Washington State) and has been EMMY®-nominated for "Best Interview/Discussion Show".  Guests have included Lewis Black (on theater), Jodie Foster (on mental health), Elliott Gould (on nonconformity), Gary Oldman (on trust) and Dr. Cornel West (on economic equality).


"I just finished the last leg of my book tour and wanted to take a moment to thank you for the opportunity to appear on your show.  Considering the caliber of people who have appeared on your program, and your skill and expertise in so many aspects of the film and entertainment business, I consider it a real honor to have been included as one of your guests.  I can’t tell you how privileged I feel, and also how inadequate I feel at being one of your interviewees.

"I want to let you know that you were able to help me feel the most comfortable and natural show of any show I have participated in [...] and how much I appreciate your own zeal in also not being unable to turn your back on a subject that is so uncomfortable.  I appreciate you having me, a first time author and a nobody in the business on your show.  I am positive it will help in ways we will probably never fully know or appreciate and I am grateful to you for taking up the cause."


- Sam Brower

  Author, Prophet's Prey



"Just watched your interview with Dorothy Parvaz and as usual you did a stunning job. (As did she.) You continue to be one of the best kept secrets in America and it’s just not fair to America."


- Mark Lipsky




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